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Village bloomery sketch

The Village Bloomery

Design-Build Project

Vancouver, BC



VB 25

The main idea of this project was to create a playful and welcoming experience. The architectural concrete walls made this space modern but in a way, cold. By introducing wood as the main construction material (white Oak and eastern maple) and also by playing with the rooflines” of a little village, the store now has a warmer entrance and a vibrant interior that tries to match the quality of the people that work and interact within the space. 

At the back we find the Flower Shop, where: it’s what’s on the inside that counts”.

Located at the heart of The Waterfall Building (Architect: Arthur Erickson) near Granville Island.

Fabrication: Farrell’s Custom Woodwork / Grischa Woodwork

VB 3

Play-station table area (south wall).

VB 98

Flower Shop.

VB 5

Storage solutions.

VB 80

South Flower Shop frame and light box.

VB 104

North Flower Shop frame (staff access + extra counter space).

VB 21

Box inside a box.

VB 101

L‑shape storage cabinet.

VB 110

Light box.

VB 50

Star of the show (@bloomerykush).