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Esherick sketch

Palamós Police Station & Community Center

Architectural & Structural design

Palamós, Catalonia




The project is based on the encounter of two building volumes, creating a square between them. The local police station gains in height towards the Onze de Setembre Avenue, thus raising and separating most restricted uses, while the social center is on a lower level, closer to the public space.

The buildings maintain an urban dialogue around the outer perimeter, contrasting with a much warmer and open dialogue when facing each other. The square becomes the focus of attention and a space of social interaction, pleasant and welcoming, where wood is the main protagonist.


Render fachada policia

Different strategic reasons explain the increase in volume of the proposed buildings when facing the main avenue (Onze de Setembre).

First, the height increase seeks to separate the restricted uses of the police station — uses that require significant privacy and security — in relation to a more public space.

Second, the best place to increase height is towards the avenue with the highest traffic.

Third, the wooden slat façade (east façade) serves as passive light control and as a filter that grants privacy to those in higher ranks within the police station, protecting them against spying or any attempts against them.

As a final strategy, on the ground floor, there is a different relationship with the street, highlighting the access and opening the lines of sight to a space for not-restricted uses — creating a space accessible to every citizen.

The square

B3 Plaza R 2

The square stands as the protagonist of the project as it generates a convergent space where the views and uses extend to the exterior.

Along with the Bar, the square helps to soften the contrasting effect between two building with quite different functions: a Police Station and a Social Center. Besides their marked contrasts, the buildings are also both public facilities at the service of citizens.

The square in my project is called Plaza de la COOPERATIVA LA EQUITATIVA” in memory of the cooperative building that existed in this same location.




Social Center.

Construction detail

Section — Construction details